Tab scroll buttons are place on Excel screen

A. towards the bottom right corner

B. towards the bottom left corner

C. towards the top right corner

D. towards the top left corner

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  1. The Chart wizard term data categories refers to;
  2. To return the remainder after a number is divided by a divisor in EXCEL we use the function?
  3. When all the numbers between 0 and 100 in a range should be displayed in Red Color, apply
  4. Which of the following you can paste selectively using Paste Special command?
  5. How many worksheets can a workbook have?
  6. A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with
  7. How do you rearrange the data in ascending or descending order?
  8. What is the short cut key to highlight the entire column?
  9. How do you insert a row?
  10. When you copy a formula
  11. Which elements of worksheet can be protected from accidental modification
  12. Multiple calculations can be made in a single formula using .......
  13. To remove the content of selected cells you must issue ______ command
  14. To delete an embedded objects, first
  15. Which would you choose to create a bar diagram?
  16. You can auto fit the width of column by
  17. MS Excel provides the default value for step in Fill Series dialog box
  18. What happens when dollar signs ($) are entered in a cell address? (e$B$2:$B$10)
  19. Which key do you press to check spelling?
  20. Which is used to perform what if analysis?
  21. To create a formula, you first:
  22. To center worksheet titles across a range of cells, you must
  23. What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as #,##0.00'?
  24. In EXCEL, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called .....?
  25. A __________ is a grid with labeled columns and rows.
  26. In help menu of Excel, which of the following tabs are found?
  27. Paste Special allows some operation while you paste to new cell. Which of the following operation is…
  28. Which of the following is not information you can specify using the solver?
  29. Which of the following formulas is not entered correctly?
  30. Which language is used to create macros in Excel?