The default Drawing Units in CorelDraw is Inches.

A. False

B. True

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  1. We cannot import. TIFF file in CorelDraw
  2. We can export .png files from CorelDraw
  3. CorelDRAW is a product of Adobe.
  4. The shortcut key of Full-Screen Preview in CorelDRAW is
  5. The shortcut key of Lens is
  6. We can get Object Manager option from Layout Menu.
  7. Bezier Tool lets you draw by dragging the mouse cursor across the page like a pencil on paper. This…
  8. In CorelDraw we can preview selected object.
  9. The keyboard shortcut of Blend tool is F9.
  10. The Freehand tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves node by node. When you use the Bezier tool, each…
  11. We can get Seven options of Order.
  12. The shortcut key of Ungroup is Ctrl+U.
  13. Unit of measurements in CorelDRAW can be in Kilometers
  14. Shortcut key for Option dialog box is Ctrl + J.
  15. We can see the skeleton in Wireframe mode.
  16. The shortcut key to Position dialog box.
  17. We can set different Undo Level for Bitmap Effects.
  18. The shortcut key to Rotate dialog box.
  19. We can export AI files from CorelDraw.
  20. The shortcut key of Duplicate command in CorelDraw is Ctrl+P.
  21. The shortcut key to open a new file in CorelDRAW is _______.
  22. Shortcut key for Select All is Ctrl + A.
  23. To activate the Text tool, keyboard is F10.
  24. We can get layers from ____________ option.
  25. Vector graphics Images are stored as algebraic equations defining the various lines and curves of the…
  26. We cannot work with Layer in CorelDraw
  27. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut of Shape tool is F11.
  28. We can get three basic extrusion types: 1 z) Extrude Roll-Up 2) Interactive Extrude tool and 3) parallel…
  29. The shortcut key of Snap to Grid in CorelDraw is Ctrl+G
  30. We cannot export JPG files from CorelDraw.