What is dispatch latency?

A. The time taken by the dispatcher to stop one process and start another

B. The whole time taken by all processor

C. The time taken by the processor to write a file into disk

D. None of Above

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  1. Identify the server:This type of server generally remains in existence indefinitely. It is shared by…
  2. Which of the following operating system reads and reacts in actual time?
  3. ______________ are popular way to improve application through parallelism.
  4. The primary purpose of an operating system is:
  5. A _______________in a distributed system is a string of bits or characters that is used to refer to…
  6. The name services of DCE include ________
  7. The _________takes any characters from standard input, and then echoes them to standard output.
  8. When resources have multiple instances ________ is used for deadlock Avoidance.
  9. In _______, if a processor writes the value 100 to the memory location x, this write operation will…
  10. Process migration involves__________________
  11. ____ runs on a computer hardware and serves as a platform for other system to run on
  12. The algorithm should be scalable i.e. _____________.
  13. A standard UNIX system includes a set of ___________ and a set of ___________.
  14. Initialization of I/O devices is part of the_________.
  15. ______________is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource simultaneously.
  16. A _____________is a collection of processors that do not share memory, peripheral devices,or a clock.
  17. The time taken by the Dispatcher to stop one process and start another running is known as _________________.
  18. The ___ contains commands associated with the My Computer window
  19. In case of modification an unauthorized party not only gains access to but tampers with an asset. This…
  20. The _____________ are based on modification of the original message in some manner, or on creation of…
  21. RPN stands for
  22. The Bankers algorithm is used
  23. The Basic Input Output System (BIOS) resides in
  24. ______________ selects a process from among the ready processes to execute on the CPU.
  25. Which components appear in the initial windows start up display?
  26. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  27. In case of ____________________transparency a file can transparently move to another server.
  28. In Multics, a process could have up to 256K segments, but each segment was limited to ___________ 64K…
  29. BSD stands for_____________________
  30. Which of the following does not occur during the power-on-self-test (POST)?