Which country will bypass on inauguration of the first Afghanistan-India air corridor at the Kabul International Airport?

A. China

B. Pakistan

C. Bangladesh

D. Nepal

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  1. Who is the current Chairperson of International Cricket Council?
  2. While India Stands Second with 8 medals in ISSF Jr World Championship, which country topped the tournament?
  3. Which two states have been declared 4th and 5th Open Defecation Free (ODF) States in the country?
  4. Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute is located in which city?
  5. Manappuram Finance was established in which year?
  6. While Anish Bhanwala bags gold medal in Junior Shooting World Championship, Florian Peter stands second.…
  7. Who is the current Chairman of SEBI?
  8. RBI was nationalized in which year?
  9. Who is the current Prime Minister of Portugal?
  10. Odisha Govt approves how many projects under AMRUT scheme?
  11. What is the Capital city of Netherlands?
  12. Aji Dam is located in?
  13. Asain Development Bank (ADB) has its Headquarters at?
  14. Which state announces Free Education for girls from Nursery to PhD?
  15. When was World Refugee Day celebrated?
  16. Where is the Headquarters of SpiceJet Situated?
  17. What is the name of the UPI based wallet launched by Hike with Yes bank?
  18. Who created the award 'The Order of the British Empire'?
  19. Where is the Head Office of Bank of Maharashtra situated?
  20. Ninth Halle Open title winner Roger Federer belongs to which country?
  21. The Reserve Bank of India was established in which year?
  22. In which year Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) was established?
  23. Which country has become the 71st country to ratify the United Nations International Convention on Road…
  24. In which year UNICEF was founded?
  25. The Darfur conflict was began in which year?
  26. Which city has become the India's first city to use robot to control unruly traffic?
  27. Union Govt launches which scheme to attract Indian scientists abroad?
  28. Miss World in bodybuilding championship Bhumika Sharma belongs to which state?
  29. Cabinet approves cooperation in textiles, clothing and fashion sectors between India & which county?
  30. New chief of UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT) Vladimir Voronkov belongs to which country?