Which of the cell pointer indicates you that you can make selection?

A. Doctors symbol (Big Plus)

B. small thin plus icon

C. Mouse Pointer with anchor at the tip

D. None of above

You can do it yup
  1. Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amounts?
  2. Which Chart can be created in Excel?
  3. Which area in an excel window allows entering values and formulas
  4. How do you wrap the text in a cell?
  5. The spelling dialog box can be involved by choosing spelling from ________ menu.
  6. When a label is too long to fit within a worksheet cell, you typically must
  7. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?
  8. How many worksheets can a workbook have?
  9. To create a formula, you can use:
  10. Ctrl + D shortcut key in Excel will
  11. Which of the following is not a basic step in creating a worksheet?
  12. Microsoft Excel is a powerful ...........
  13. A numeric value can be treated as a label value if it precedes with
  14. Each excel file is a workbook that contains different sheets. Which of the following can not be a sheet…
  15. How do you insert a row?
  16. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row?
  17. How do you select an entire column?
  18. You can check the conditions against __________ when applying conditional formatting
  19. When you want to insert a blank imbedded excel object in a word document you can
  20. In help menu of Excel, which of the following tabs are found?
  21. If you need to remove only the formatting done in a range (numbers and formula typed there should not…
  22. Which is used to perform what if analysis?
  23. Which of the following is not a valid data type in Excel?
  24. Where can you change automatic or manual calculation mode in Excel?
  25. A circular reference is
  26. Which of the following is not information you can specify using the solver?
  27. You can select a single range of cells by
  28. An excel workbook is a collection of
  29. By default Excel provides 3 worksheets. You need only two of them, how will you delete the third one?
  30. The name box