Which right is declared as the Fundamental Right recently by the Supreme Court?

A. Right to Privacy

B. Right to Speech

C. Right to Education

D. Right against exploitation

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  1. Vishal Sikkan has resigned as Managing Director and CEO of which software company?
  2. Which Mission will be launched for improving India's position in ocean research field?
  3. Which country appoints First Tamil Navy Chief After Four Decades?
  4. Which three Indian firms have featured in Forbes' list of the world' s 100 most innovative companies?
  5. Which bank has appointed P R Seshadri as MD & CEO?
  6. The Aurora Solar Energy Project is being constructed in which country?
  7. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Syndicate Bank?
  8. Which two companies have extended their partnership into Asia Pacific to enhance the consumer experience?
  9. Which former RBI governor has authored the book "I Do What I Do" ?
  10. Who has been appointed as the new non-executive Chairman of Infosys?
  11. SEBI has launched online registration for custodians of __________.
  12. Name the Indian-origin boy who has been crowned as UK' s 'Child Genius' in a popular television quiz…
  13. 8th meeting of the Regional Technical Group of Confidence Building Measure on Trade, Commerce & Investment…
  14. Who was appointed as the CEO of Rajya Sabha TV?
  15. Which country with India Agree to Disengage at Doklam?
  16. Central government has declared which state as a disturbed area under the controversial Armed Forces…
  17. Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has launched a new video of the National Anthem in sign language,…
  18. Which bank announced a software upgrade to create a single PoS machine which will accept payments through…
  19. The Ministry of Culture organized the Sankalp Se Siddhi Programme in _______ .
  20. India and which country will start a two-by-two ministerial dialogue to enhance "peace and stability…
  21. Who among the following resigned as president of the Nagaur District Association, marking an end to…
  22. Which of the following has launched Mentor India Campaign, an initiative to engage leaders who can guide…
  23. Which country will be building a stadium resembling an Arabian skull cap for the 2022 World Cup?
  24. How many medals did India win at the 6th Golden Glove women's Boxing Tournament at Vojvodina, Serbia?
  25. Who launched the host city logo for Kochi, one of the venues of FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017?
  26. A research team led by Dr Pinaki Panigrahi has found Probiotic Bacteria that could protect newborns…
  27. Which nationwide campaign has been launched by the Union Government to protect elephants?
  28. Which state government is planning to relocate tigers to the state of the sanctuaries?
  29. Who has been appointed as the goodwill ambassador for Handicap International?
  30. Jerry Lewis, the famous comedian passed away. He hailed from which country?