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Question No : 1
The epithelial lining of pericardium is

simple columnar
simple squamous
stratified squamous
cuboidal type

Question No : 2
The type of tissue that covers the surface of the body and lines vessels and body cavities is

connective tissue
muscular tissue
nerve tissue
epithelial tissue

Question No : 3
The cilia originate from

basal granule

Question No : 4
The epithelial tissue which form protective layer of the skin, buccal cavity and tongue is

squamous epithelium
ciliated epithelium
glandular epithelium
stratified epithelium

Question No : 5
Salivary gland is an example of

simple tubular gland
simple coiled tubular gland
branched tubular gland
compound alveolar gland

Question No : 6
The excretory passages of the urinary system has a lining of epithelial cells which are elastic. These constitute the epithelial tissue called

stratified squamous
glandular epithelium
squamous epithelium
transitional epithelium

Question No : 7
Which of the following tissues can be protective, secretory, sensory, excretory and absorptive in function?

epithelial tissues
connective tissues
muscular tissues
nervous tissues

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