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Question No : 1
The common key product in the inter mediary metabolism is

oxaloacetic aad
coenzyme A
acetyl CoA
pyruvic acid

Question No : 2
Meeting point of all metabolic pathways is

lactic acid
citric acid
acetyl CoA

Question No : 3
The process of conversion of harmful ammonia into urea within the liver cells during ornithine cycle is known as


Question No : 4
In mammals, carbohydrates are stored in the form of

glucose in liver
glycogen in liver and muscles
glycogen in muscles
lactic acid in spleen

Question No : 5
The breaking down of organic compounds and liberation of energy is


Question No : 6
In endotherms the main source of body heat is

basal metabolic rate
stomach and intestine
cellular respiration

Question No : 7
Enzymes, vitamins and hormones can be j classified under one catagory of biological chemicals because all of these

are proteinaceous in nature
aid in regulating metabolism
are synthesized within the body of organisms
enhance the oxidative metabolism

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