SEO MCQ Question with Answer

SEO MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
Why is it bad idea from SEO perspective to host free articles and write ups that are very common on the internet?

Because they will not lead to fresh traffic
Because you could be penalize by search engine for using duplicate contents
Because you will not get the benefits of proper keyword targeting
Because people could turn up claiming copyright infringement

Question No : 2
If a websites search engine saturation with respect to a particular search engine is 20%, what does it mean?

20% of the web pages of the website have been indexed by the search engine
Only 20% of the pages of the website will be indexed by the search engine
20% of the websites pages will never be indexed
The website ranks in the first 20% of all websites indexed by the search engine for its most important search terms

Question No : 3
What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimal
Social Engine Optimal
Search Engine Optimization
Social Engine Optimization

Question No : 4
What is the method(s) to create hidden text?

In order to make the content and background indistinguishable, the colors are kept the same
The content can also be hidden using CSS
Both A and B
None of the above

Question No : 5
Which of the following comes under the White Hat SEO technique?

Good Content
Ease of Navigation
Site Performance
All of the above

Question No : 6
What is/are the benefit(s) of Search Engine Submission?

Your presence and your products or services are communicated to search engines in this way
Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines can index your website
You don't have to wait for the web crawler to discover your site organically since it helps you get discovered quickly by web spiders
All of the above

Question No : 7
Which of the following free tools/websites could help you identify which city in the world has the largest search for the keyword six sigma?

Yahoo Search Term Suggestion Tool
Google Traffic Estimator
Google Trends