A family or system of millions and millions of stars are called ____.

A. Universe

B. Solar System

C. Galaxy

D. Asteroids

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  1. Which planet is called 'Double Planet'?
  2. What do you call a narrow neck oC land that connects two larger landmasses?
  3. Consider the following statements regarding asteroids:1. Asteroids are rocky debris of varying sizes…
  4. Which of the following is not an astronomical object?
  5. When dees the Summer Solstice occur?
  6. Earth ranks _____ in the Solar System away from the Sun.
  7. Polar Auroras are called __ in Southern Hemisphere.
  8. What is a narrow waterway separating two bits of land called?
  9. The name of our galaxy is _______
  10. How many of the following statements are true?1. Mean Solar Day is greater than Sidereal Day approximately…
  11. All asteroids collectively revolve around the
  12. How many planets does our Solar System consist of?
  13. Which of the following are the Outer Planets?1. Jupiter2. Saturn3. Uranus4. Neptune
  14. A Light Year measures
  15. What proportion of the mass of the earth does the mass of the Moon equal?
  16. What is the primary cause of the day and night?
  17. The length of its day and the tilt of its axis are almost identical to those of the Earth. This is true…
  18. The atmospheric· pressure on the surface of Venus is more than__ times the atmospheric pressure of the…
  19. Equatorial diameter of the Earth is __.
  20. What is the position of the moon called when it la farthest from the earth?
  21. A system of millions and millions of galaxies are called _____.
  22. The atmosphere of Venus contains large quantity of
  23. The tail of a comet is directed away from the Sun because
  24. What happens during the equinoxes?
  25. If the stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on the \
  26. How much time does earth take in making one rotation on its axis with respect to a fixed star at infinite…
  27. Which of the following is the largest ocean?
  28. The permanent tilt of the Earth's axis and the revolution of the Earth in its orbit together cause
  29. What is the direction of rotation of the earth on its axis?
  30. The shortest route between two places is along the