A celestial body having its own heat and light is called

A. Planet

B. Moon

C. Star

D. Satellite

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  1. A family or system of millions and millions of stars are called ____.
  2. The permanent tilt of the Earth's axis and the revolution of the Earth in its orbit together cause
  3. All asteroids collectively revolve around the
  4. What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth?
  5. Deimos and Phobos are the satellites of
  6. Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?
  7. Which of the following statements prove(s) that the earth Is spherical?The Sun rises and sets at different…
  8. When a year divisible by 4 and not divisible by 400 is called
  9. If the stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on the \
  10. The tail of a comet is directed away from the Sun because
  11. What do you call a narrow neck oC land that connects two larger landmasses?
  12. Which two planets do not have any satellites?1. Mercury2. Venus3. Saturn4. Pluto
  13. The word 'satellite' means _____.
  14. Equatorial diameter of the Earth is __.
  15. Polar diameter of the Eearth is.
  16. What is the primary cause of the day and night?
  17. How much time does the earth take in completing one rotation on its axis in relation to sun?
  18. In which direction la the Tropic oC Capricorn in relation to the Equator?
  19. The Jupiter's atmosphere comprises mainly of
  20. Arrange the Outer Planets in increasing order of their sizes.1. Jupiter2. Uranus3. Saturn4. Neptune
  21. A celestial body having its own heat and light is called
  22. Which one of the following stars is nearest to the Earth?
  23. What is peninsula?
  24. The inclination of the earth's axis, i.e. the earth's axis is tilted at an angle from a perpendicular…
  25. What are the Pleides?
  26. What is the Southern Cross?
  27. A celestial body which revolves round a planet just as a planet revolves round the Sun is called _____.
  28. Which of the following is the largest ocean?
  29. Which two Planets do not have any satellites?
  30. The date on which the Sun is vertical over the 'Tropic of Cancer' is