A Light Year measures

A. A unit of velocity

B. A unit of distance

C. A unit of pressure

D. A unit of time

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  1. Nearest star to the earth is _____.
  2. The atmospheric pressure on the surface of Venus is more than__ times the atmospheric pressure of the…
  3. One Astronomical Unit is the average distance between
  4. Which of the following statements prove(s) that the earth Is spherical?The Sun rises and sets at different…
  5. Which of the following statements is correct with reference to our Solar System?
  6. Which is the second largest satellite in the Solar System?
  7. Outside Antarctica, which is the deepest part of the earth?
  8. Planet with nearly equal rotation and revolution time to the earth is _____.
  9. In which direction la the Tropic oC Capricorn in relation to the Equator?
  10. If the Sun dies It will be transformed Into a
  11. Relatively cool spots of the Sun are called __ while relatively hot spots of the Sun are called __.
  12. Which planet rotates on its axis from north to south?
  13. What is significant about the town of Greenwich?
  14. When the earth is at its maximum distance from the Sun it is said to be in
  15. What is the primary cause of seasonal change on the surface of the earth?
  16. The study of universe on grand scale is called.
  17. What is the geographical term for land's end, that tip of land which projects into the sea?
  18. Distance between the Moon and the Earth is 1. Approximately 386000 km2. 1.25 light seconds
  19. If the stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on the \
  20. Which planet is called 'Double Planet'?
  21. Earth revolves round the Sun In an orbit once In every __.
  22. When the earth is at its minimum distance from the Sun, it is said to be
  23. The most important constituent of the Sun's mass is.HydrogenHeliumSiliconIron
  24. An imaginary belt of 12 constellations or group of stars la called
  25. Which of the following planets is called 'blue planet'?
  26. What is the average radius of the Earth?
  27. Which star la called the brightest star (Dog star)?
  28. The time taken by the sun to revolve around the centre or our galaxy is
  29. Going into the interior of the earth the weight of an object
  30. Which planet does experience a day almost of the same duration as the Earth?