The atmosphere of Venus contains large quantity of

A. Carbondioxide and sulphuric acid

B. Carbondioxide and nitric acid

C. Nitrogen and sulphuric acid

D. Nitrogen and nitric acid

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  1. Our Solar System is an orderly community of _____.
  2. Which of the following statements are true?1. Inner Planets are alternatively called Terrestrial Planets.2.…
  3. Which planet does take the least time in completing one revolution around the Sun?
  4. Average density of the Earth is ( relative to water) __.
  5. The permanent tilt of the Earth's axis and the revolution of the Earth in its orbit together cause
  6. Polar Auroras are called __ in Southern Hemisphere.
  7. How much time does the earth take in completing one rotation on its axis in relation to sun?
  8. The Jupiter's atmosphere comprises mainly of
  9. What is the average radius of the Earth?
  10. Which of the following are the Inner Planets?1. Mercury2. Venus3. Earth4. Mars
  11. Sidereal means
  12. The Sun experiences magnetic storms and this Interferes with the magnetic field oC the Earth and produces…
  13. Relatively cool spots of the Sun are called __ while relatively hot spots of the Sun are called __.
  14. The group of small pieces of rock revolving round the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are…
  15. Oldest object in the Solar System is __.
  16. Sun revolves around galaxy once in every 250 million years, this length of time is called _____.
  17. One Astronomical Unit is the average distance between
  18. Rapidly rotating stars emitting intense radio waves are called ___.
  19. From west to east, what are the three main island groups in the Pacific called?
  20. In which direction la the Tropic oC Capricorn in relation to the Equator?
  21. Which planet is called 'Double Planet'?
  22. The solar eclipse takes place when
  23. Earth ranks _____ in the Solar System away from the Sun.
  24. The axis of Mars la inclined at an angle of
  25. On the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere which of the hollowing latitudes will have the longest…
  26. Planet nearest to the earth is _____.
  27. Which planet rotates on its axis from east to west?
  28. In which of the following planets, the Great Red Spot has been the special feature?
  29. Which of the following conditions la the most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?
  30. What is the shape of our galaxy 'Milky Way'?