Brightest planet of our Solar System is _____.

A. Venus

B. Mercury

C. Uranus

D. Saturn

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  1. The word 'satellite' means _____.
  2. How much time is taken by the Moon in completing one revolution around the Earth?
  3. Which planet rotates on its axis from north to south?
  4. What do you call a narrow neck oC land that connects two larger landmasses?
  5. When a year divisible by 4 and not divisible by 400 is called
  6. Average temperature of the Earth is.
  7. On which date is the Earth in 'perihelion'?
  8. A celestial body having its own heat and light is called
  9. What is the shape of our galaxy 'Milky Way'?
  10. Lunar eclipse means
  11. A meteor is
  12. The difference between day and night increases as one moves
  13. How much is the variation In distance between the Earth and the Sun during aphelion and perihelion?
  14. How many degrees north and south are the Tropics?
  15. Sun revolves around galaxy once in every 250 million years, this length of time is called _____.
  16. One Astronomical Unit is the average distance between
  17. Who was the first person to describe the earth as a sphere?
  18. A Light Year measures
  19. The most important constituent of the Sun's mass is.HydrogenHeliumSiliconIron
  20. Which of the following planets is called 'blue planet'?
  21. Which planet does experience a day almost of the same duration as the Earth?
  22. Which of the following is 'the cruel planet' in Indian astrology?
  23. On the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere which of the hollowing latitudes will have the longest…
  24. Which of the following is known as 'King of Planets'?
  25. Halley's comet visits us after every.
  26. Polar circumference of the Earth is
  27. The word 'planet' means ____.
  28. When the Sun is vertically overhead along the Tropic of Capricorn at mid-day
  29. Charon' is the satellite of _____.
  30. Our Solar System is an orderly community of _____.