Carbon content of pitch (residue of coal tar distillation) is around __________ percent.

A. 70

B. 55

C. 80

D. 94

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  1. Which of the following is not produced commercially from sea water?
  2. At very high concentration of enzymes, the rate of fermentation chemical reaction is __________ the…
  3. Fluorescent dyes are added in detergents to
  4. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  5. Cellulose percentage in bamboo fibre is about
  6. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
  7. Fats as compared to oils have
  8. Lubricating greases are a mixture of
  9. __________ are used as corrosion inhibitor for iron & steel in aqueous solutions.
  10. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of
  11. Oil produced by solvent extraction
  12. Which is the main reducing agent during production of iron from iron ore in a blast furnace?
  13. Soap cannot be used with hard water, because
  14. Which of the following is an yellow pigment?
  15. Oil is a/an
  16. Caprolactam (a raw material for nylon-6 manufacture) is produced from
  17. Removal of dirt/soil by soaps or detergent does not involve the __________ of soil.
  18. Rotary kiln is not involved in the production of
  19. Zeigler process
  20. The noble gas which occurs most abundantly in the atmosphere is
  21. Sucrose content in the raw juice extracted from sugar cane is about __________ percent.
  22. Transportation of 35% oleum during winter suffers from the problem of freezing, which can be overcome…
  23. Mercury electrolytic cell produces 50-70% NaOH solution. Its operating temperature is __________ °C.
  24. Sucrose content in cane sugar may be around __________ percent.
  25. Sugar content in sugarcane on cane basis is about __________ percent by weight.
  26. Nylon-66 is so named because the
  27. Synthesis gas is a mixture of
  28. Lime and soda ash are added to water to remove
  29. __________ is used as a flux in the smelting of copper ore like chalcopyrite.
  30. Nylon-6 is a