Cyclotron is an apparatus used

A. as an accelerator for imparting energies to charged particles of atomic magnitudes

B. to reduce the charge on a particle

C. to produce intense magnetic field

D. to produce intense electrical field

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  1. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  2. Heat is transmitted from one end of a metal rod to its other end by the method of
  3. During thunder storm you are travelling in a car. To protect yourself from the lightning you will have…
  4. Commonly used safety fuse wire is made of
  5. One can be recognised by his voice alone due to the factor of
  6. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  7. A stone floor feels cold to the bare feet but a carpet on the same floor feels warm. This is because
  8. Galaxies emit
  9. Water has maximum density at
  10. The image formed by a plane mirror is
  11. Isotones are species of atoms containing
  12. Who first established the fact that the earth revolves round the sun?
  13. Mercury does not stick to glass because
  14. Meteors
  15. When an incident beam of light strikes the surface of a glass slab normally, the refracted beam
  16. When light passes from air to glass, its velocity in glass
  17. When a body is immersed in a fluid the force of buoyancy of the fluid on the body depends on
  18. The brightest star visible to the naked eye is
  19. The speed of light is minimum while passing through
  20. The electroplating of a metallic article
  21. Hot water is poured simultaneously in four metallic tumblers painted outside with different paints.…
  22. The nuclear model of atom was first visualised by
  23. Out of the following, name the fluorescent substance.
  24. In experiments on static electricity the standard method for obtaining small amounts of positive electricity…
  25. The principle of equivalence of mass and energy was established by
  26. Less dew is formed on cloudy nights because
  27. On the Kelvin scale, the melting point of ice is
  28. Radio waves sent out by radio stations are reflected by
  29. The number of electrons in the outer orbits of a nucleus gives
  30. The pressure of air at high altitude is less than the atmospheric pressure at the sea level. Hence the…