Ellipse Motion is a predefined ......

A. Design template

B. Color scheme

C. Animation scheme

D. None of these

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  1. In which menu can you find features like Slide Design, Slide Layout et?
  2. In order to edit a chart, you can
  3. Objects on the slide that hold text are called
  4. In notes master view, how do you modify the font size of text for all hte4 notes of a presentation?
  5. The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the
  6. What is maximum Zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint ?
  7. Which option allows you to select line, curve, freeform or scribble tools?
  8. Which of the following should be used with the mouse when you want to draw a perfect shape?
  9. Line spacing refers to
  10. Which of the following is the default page setup orientation of slide in PowerPoint
  11. To maintain the perspective (height and width ratio) of an object when resizing, you need to
  12. Which PowerPoint view works best for adding slide transitions ?
  13. You can show the shortcut menu during the slide show by
  14. What is a motion path?
  15. Which command brings you to the first slide in your presentation?
  16. Which of the following should e used when you want to add a slide to an existing presentation?
  17. Comments on a presentation can record who wrote them and when they were addeWhats the automatic way…
  18. To create a PowerPoint presentation from a template
  19. A chart can be put as a part of the presentation using
  20. Which of the following you must first complete in order to delete an object?
  21. You can show the shortcut menu during the slide show by
  22. To exit the PowerPoint
  23. Which of the following bypasses the print dialog box when printing individual slides or an entire presentation?
  24. How many steps are there between Start and Finish in AutoContent Wizard?
  25. The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint is
  26. The difference between Slide Design and Auto Content Wizard is
  27. PowerPoint slides can have ?
  28. Which of the following should you use if you want all the slides in the presentation to have the same…
  29. What are lines, curve, freeform, and scribble?
  30. Whats the easy way to apply varied animations to test on slides