International Business MCQ Question with Answer

International Business MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 1
The income level of residents in a country is indicated by

gross national income.
gross domestic product.
per capita gross national income.
per capita gross domestic product.

Question No : 2
Which of the following is an advantage of turnkey projects?

Can earn a return on knowledge asset
Will not create a competitor
Tight control of operations
All the above

Question No : 3
India is an

Emerging economy
Developed economy
Less developed economy
None of these

Question No : 4
Which one of the following is a method for an exporter to get a contract

Proforma invoice
Purchase order
Sales contract
All the above

Question No : 5
Free international trade maximizes world output through

Countries specializing in production of goods they are best suited for.
Reduction in taxes.
Increased factor income.
Encouraging competition.

Question No : 6
By having business in different countries, a firm reduces

credit risk.
political risk.
financial risk.
business risk.

Question No : 7
Countries/ regions with huge market size will attract

Market seeking FDI.
Efficiency seeking FDI.
Vertical FDI.
Created assets seeking FDI.