hat produces useful information out of data?

A. Computer

B. Processing

C. Programming

D. none of above

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  1. The first Macintosh computer was from
  2. WAN stands for
  3. The magnetic storage chip used to provide non-volatile direct access storage of data and that have no…
  4. In 1830, Charles Babbage designed a machine called the Analytical Engine which he showed at the Paris…
  5. Most of the inexpensive personal computers do not have any disk or diskette drive. What is the name…
  6. Identify the true statement
  7. Most of the first generation computers were
  8. Computers process data into information by working exclusively with :
  9. Which was the world's first minicomputer and when was it introduced?
  10. Hackers
  11. A language which is close to that used within the computer is
  12. ________ is the key to close a selected drop -down list; cancel a command and close a dialog box.
  13. What is a compiler?
  14. Punched cards were first introduced by
  15. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
  16. Which of the following computer implemented binary numbers, perform calculations using electronics and…
  17. ________are specific to users' needs
  18. Data division is the third division of a _____ program.
  19. Word length of a Personal Computer is
  20. Magnetic tape can serve as
  21. A computer has very low failure rate because it uses electronic components. It produces very consistent…
  22. A number that is used to control the form of another number is known as
  23. RAM is used as a short memory because it is
  24. Which statement is valid about interpreter?
  25. Software in computer
  26. Which of the following is the coding of data so that is can't be easily understood if intercepted.
  27. A normal CD- ROM usually can store up to _________ _data?
  28. ________ Computers are of large size
  29. Which of the following is machine independence program?
  30. Which of the following is not electro-mechanical computer?