In a punched card system, data is processed by a

A. Keypunch machine, sorter and posting machine

B. Accounting machine, posting machine, and billing machine

C. Sorter, posting machine, and billing machine

D. Accounting machine, keypunch machine and sorter

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  1. Which of the following is not a class of computers based on size?
  2. Mnemonic a memory trick is used in which of the following language?
  3. Which of the following programming language started from second generation?
  4. Microprocessors as switching devices are for which generation computers
  5. What difference does the 5th generation computer have from other generation computers?
  6. From which generation computers the printers were used?
  7. Which was the world's first microcomputer that used Intel 80386 microprocessor chip?
  8. Which of the following professions has not been affected by personal computers?
  9. Operating system, editors, and debuggers comes under?
  10. FORTRAN programming language is more suitable for
  11. In which language is source program written?
  12. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  13. An integrated circuit is
  14. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  15. What is an interpreter?
  16. When was Pascaline invented?
  17. First generation computers used_____ for memory
  18. Which of the following can store information in the form of microscopic pits on metal disks.
  19. Who invented EDSAC?
  20. What characteristic of read-only memory (ROM) makes it useful?
  21. ALU and Control Unit jointly known as
  22. Who invented Analytical engine?
  23. Why are vacuum tubes also called valves?
  24. Which of the following is first generation computer?
  25. A physical connection between the microprocessor memory and other parts of the microcomputer is known…
  26. The ALU of a computer responds to the commands coming from
  27. Data becomes ________ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use
  28. Which of the following statements is true?
  29. How many numbers could ENIAC store in its internal memory
  30. Which of the following is an example of fifth generation computer?