In case of pressure vessels having closed ends, the fluid pressure induces

A. Longitudinal stress

B. Shear stress

C. Circumferential stress

D. None of these

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  1. When a close coiled helical spring is compressed, its wire is subjected to
  2. The expression 0.175 - 0.841/T is the Lewis form factor for
  3. The design of shafts made of brittle materials is based on
  4. The efficiency of a square threaded screw is maximum if the helix angle is equal to (Where φ =…
  5. Which of the following formula is used in designing a connecting rod?
  6. For tight leakage joints, following type of thread is best suited
  7. A chain drive transmits __________ power as compared to belt drive.
  8. In a flat belt drive, if the slip between the driver and belt is 1 %, between the belt and follower…
  9. The material commonly used for crane hooks is
  10. In a horizontal flat belt drive, it is customary to use
  11. Allen bolts are
  12. The notch sensitivity q is expressed in terms of fatigue stress concentration factor Kf and theoretical…
  13. The permissible stress in the fillet weld is 100 N/mm². The fillet weld has equal leg lengths of…
  14. The cold working of metals is carried out __________ the recrystallisation temperature.
  15. In a belt drive, if the pulley diameter is doubled keeping the tension and belt width constant, then…
  16. Which of the following has threads at both ends?
  17. For longitudinal joint in boilers, the type of joint used is
  18. In worm gears, the pressure angle is ________ the angle between two inclined faces in axial plane.
  19. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.
  20. A tapered key which fits in a key way in the hub and the bottom of which is shaped to fit the curved…
  21. The material commonly used for machine tool bodies is
  22. Tensile strength of a mild steel specimen can be roughly predicted from following hardness test
  23. In designing a connecting rod, it is considered like __________ for buckling about Y-axis.
  24. Multiple threads are used to secure
  25. A bolt of M 24 × 2 means that
  26. Two rigid plates are clamped by means of bolt and nut with an initial force F. After tightening, a separating…
  27. According to I.B.R., shearing resistance required to shear off the rivet per pitch length (in double…
  28. The building up of worn and undersized parts, subjected to repeated loads by electroplating is
  29. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  30. In levers, leverage is the ratio of