It is an error to catch the same type of exception in two different catch blocks associated with a particular try block.

A. True

B. False

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  1. The check box group class is a subclass of the component class.
  2. A package is a collection of
  3. An individual array element that is passed to a method and modified in that method will contain the…
  4. When we implement the Runnable interface, we must define the method
  5. When X is a positive number the operations x>> 2 and x>>>2 both produce the same result.
  6. Which of the following statements are true?
  7. Which of the following will produce a value of 22 if x=22.9:
  8. Which of the following methods can be used to change the size of a size() *resize()
  9. forName() is a static factory method
  10. We can add more than one class(es) at the time of compilation Java Beans.
  11. It is an error if a class with one or more abstract methods is not explicitly declared abstract.
  12. JSP files creates ________________
  13. Which are the valid ways to create DataInputStream streams?
  14. A thread can make second thread ineligible for execution by calling the suspend (-) method on second…
  15. The length of a string object 's1' can be obtained using the expression s1.length.
  16. The methods wait() and noify() are defined in
  17. Which of the following classes are available in the java.lang package?
  18. Which of the following keywords are used to control access to a class member?
  19. In a single Servlet class we can use____________
  20. executeUpdate automatically updates data because___________
  21. Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?
  22. In RMI before running the client program we must start RMI Registry.
  23. When we implement an interface method, it should be declared as public.
  24. One the features of is that an array can store many different types of values.
  25. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  26. A string object can not be modified after it is created.
  27. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  28. The name of a Java program file must match the name of the class with the extension Java.
  29. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  30. To delete a file, we can use an instance of class file.