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What is the correct answer?


Match the epithetial tissue given in column-I with its location given in column-II and choose the correct option.
Column IColumn II
(Epithelial tissue)(Location)
A. CuboidalI. Epidermis of skin
B. CiliatedII. Inner lining of blood vessels
C. ColumnarIII. Inner surface of gall bladder
D. SquamousIV. Inner lining of fallopian tube
E. KeratinizedV. Lining of pancreatic duct squamous

A. A V; B IV; C II; D III; E I

B. A III; B IV; C V; D II; E I

C. A V; B IV; C III; D II; E I

D. A III; B IV; C V; D I; E II