Name the former AP Minister, who has been died at the age of 63 by cardiac arrest, recently?

A. Devineni Rajashekhar

B. Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga

C. Devineni Radha Krishna

D. None

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  1. What is the India growth forecast for FY 2017-18 by IMF?
  2. Name the Nepal President, who has been officially visited India, recently?
  3. Name the Justice, who has been appointed as Acting CJ of Delhi High Court?
  4. Name the oldest person, who has been world's oldest Human Being on the earth, recently?
  5. Name the Badminton player, who has won the maiden super series title in Singapore?
  6. State the Day, on which International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance observed?
  7. State the day, on which 81st Foundation Day of Odisha observed?
  8. Name the person, who has been named the messenger of peace for the United Nations, recently?
  9. State the day, on which we have been celebrated World Homeopathy Day every year?
  10. State the day, on which we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, each year?
  11. On whose honour, Uttarpradesh Government approved to build a music village at Varanasi, recently?
  12. Name the Indian city, which has been selected for APA's Pierre L'Enfant Award 2017, recently?
  13. Name the marathon racer smashes three world records at Prague Half Marathon, recently?
  14. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Web Portal 'Bharat Ke Veer', recently?
  15. Name the Turkey's President, who has been visited India on 30th April, 2017?
  16. State the day, on which we celebrated every year International Earth Day?
  17. Name the mobile app, which has been launched Haryana Govt, to awareness pregnant women & New Born Babies,…
  18. Name the World famous personality, who has been praised PM Modi for Swachh Bharat?
  19. Name the State, which has been topped in MGNREGS scheme throughout India?
  20. Name the games, which will be featured in the 2022 Asian Games in China?
  21. Name the Indian Badminton Player, who has been reached career best second spot recently?
  22. Name the person, who has been named Asian Business Woman of the Year, recently?
  23. Name the NASA Astronaut, who has been set a new space walk record, recently?
  24. Name the State, which has been bagged Krishi Karman Award 2015-2016?
  25. Name Women cricket Player, who has been adjudged the Women's player of the year Award, recently?
  26. Name the state, which has to pay power bill subsidy to consumers, recently?
  27. State the position India in the World Press Freedom Index, which was released recently?
  28. Name the Country which was on 26 April, 2017 signed an MoU on economic cooperation with India?
  29. Name the former Iranian President, who has been disqualified from running elections in next month?
  30. Name the person, who has been appointed India's Ambassador to Germany, recently?