Name the Indian Company, which has got the place in Global Powers of Luxuty Goods report?

A. Gitanjali Gems

B. Titan Company

C. PC Jeweller

D. All the above

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  1. What is the place of Andhra Pradesh in UDAY Scheme?
  2. Name the city, in which India's first electric cab fleet to be launched soon?
  3. Name the court of India, which has becomes first paperless digital court, recently?
  4. Name the Indian Scientist, who has been won Dan David Prize 2017, recently?
  5. Name the Plan, which has announced by Rajnath Singh to tackle of left wing Extremism, recently?
  6. State the no. of agreements India and palestine inked in New Delhi, recently?
  7. State the toll free number of National Contact Center which was launched be Election Commission of India?
  8. Name the senior bureaucrat, who has been appointed as new Secretary of CBSE, recently?
  9. State the day, on which we celebrated National Technology Day every year?
  10. Name the Vaccination drive, which has been launched by CP CM, recently?
  11. Name the Britain Duke, who has announced to step down from Royal Engagements?
  12. Name the Tennis Player, who has been won Italian Open Men's Single Title, recently?
  13. Name Organization, who has to host Asian Junior Tennis Championship 2017?
  14. Name the person, who has been presented, presidential Awards for classical Tamil, recently?
  15. State the day, on which we celebrate World Metrology Day every year?
  16. Name the fruit from Andhra Pradesh, which has been received Geographical Indication Tag, recently?
  17. Name the Indian American, who has been nominated US Court of Appeals, recently?
  18. Name the person, who has been appointed as Prime Minister of France, recently?
  19. Name the State, which was deployed Ambulance services for cows?
  20. Name the Calcutta High Court Judge, who has been Supreme Court order sentencing to six monthly imprisonment?
  21. Which country's Men's team won compound gold in World Cup Archery, Shanghai, recently?
  22. Name the port trust of India, which has been bagged two best performance awards, recently?
  23. Name the surface to air missile which has been test fired on 11 May, 2017 by India?
  24. State the day, on which we celebrate International Mother's Day every year?
  25. Name State, in which India's first Village of Books inaugurated, recently?
  26. Name the person, who has been won 2016 Wisden- MCC Cricket Photograph of the year Award recently?
  27. State the date, on which Real Estate Regulatory Act come into force, recently?
  28. Name the Union Ministry, which has been banned sale of Cattle for slaughter, recently?
  29. Name the person, who has been appointed IAMAI Chairman, recently?
  30. Name the state, in which India has its first 3 cases of the Zika Virus, recently?