Name the organization, which has been launched Express Wi-Fi in India, recently?

A. Facebook

B. Google

C. Both

D. None

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  1. Name the port trust of India, which has been bagged two best performance awards, recently?
  2. Name the country, in which first startup India Summit to be held?
  3. What is the name of longest bridge in India?
  4. Name the Indian American who has been nominated for the member of FERC, recently?
  5. Name the person, who has been elected as President of Frame, recently?
  6. Name the country, in which the 2017 NATO Summit was held, recently?
  7. Name the person, who has been released book series written by M.S. Swaminathan, recently?
  8. Name the person, who has been laid the foundation stone for IARI at Gogamukh, Assam?
  9. State the rank of Visakhapatnam, in which Swachh Survekhan - 2017 results?
  10. Name the iphone company, which has opened its first official store in Southeast Asia, recently?
  11. Name the Indian Nature Activist, who has been won 2017 Whitley Award, recently?
  12. Name the first woman Judge of Delhi High Court, who has been passed away on 6 May, 2017?
  13. Name the person, who has been appointed as ICSSR Chief, recently?
  14. Name the person who has been appointed as new Chancellor to Jawaharlal Nehru University, recently?
  15. Name the first amputee swimmer, who has been swim across Red Sea, recently?
  16. With which country's collaboration India is being constructed Bullet train project?
  17. Name the senior diplomat, who has to be Pakistan's new High Commissioner to India?
  18. Which city's Police were launched bicycle patrols for better Policing, recently?
  19. Name the Village in Mumbai State, which has been won the Smart Village Award, recently?
  20. What is the height of the National Flag Post, which was Inaugurated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, recently?
  21. State the no. of agreements India and palestine inked in New Delhi, recently?
  22. Under the GST bill entertainment, cable TV, DTH services will attract on which percentage?
  23. Name the Indian Wrestler, who has been won bronze in Asian Wrestling Championship, recently?
  24. Name the Indian Scientist, who has been won Dan David Prize 2017, recently?
  25. Name the place in which the 70th World Health Assembly was held, recently?
  26. Name the state, in which India's first Private sector small arms manufacturing Plant inaugurated, recently?
  27. Name the Union Ministry, which has been banned sale of Cattle for slaughter, recently?
  28. Name the Indian Professor, who has been bagged INSA Young Scientist Award, recently?
  29. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  30. Name the person, who has to be awarded the Akademi Ratna Award in October?