Name the Snooker Player, who has won his career 7th Asian Billiards Championship, recently?

A. Pankaj Advani

B. Manan Chandra

C. Subhash Agarwal

D. None

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  1. Name the person, who has been named the messenger of peace for the United Nations, recently?
  2. Name the place, in which the 1st India, Indonesia Energy Forum was held, recently?
  3. What is the rename of Gorakhpur Airport which was changed recently?
  4. Name the Union Minister, who has been inaugurated Civil Services Day function, recently?
  5. Name the State Govt, which has been to give pension to Circus artistes, recently?
  6. Name the Indian girl, who has been won Miss Teen Universe 2017, recently?
  7. State the day, on which UN English Language day is Observed every year?
  8. Name the scheme, which has been launched for the sake of famers in India, recently?
  9. Name the top Maoist leader CPI (M) who has been died in Kolkata, recently?
  10. Name the Indian Badminton Player, who has been lifted Indian Open Badminton title?
  11. Name the book, which has been released PM and Athored by Sumitra Mahajan, recently?
  12. Name the Badminton player, who has won the maiden super series title in Singapore?
  13. Name the famous Company, which has become most valued Indian company?
  14. Name the court, which has now allows candidates above 25 years of age to appear in 2017 NEET Exam?
  15. Name the city, in which the Union Cabinet has give its approval for setting up of Indian Institute of…
  16. State the city, in which India's first ever micro-drama festival held?
  17. Name the political leader, who has been won 2017 Srinagar Lok Sabha by poll, recently?
  18. What is the distance between newly discovered Ice ball planet and Earth?
  19. Name the volumes of Book, which has been to translate into 23 Indian languages, written by Kannada Poet…
  20. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairperson of CBEC?
  21. Name the diplomat, who had been took the charge as New Consul General of Dubai?
  22. State the National Average Unemployment rate in India?
  23. Name the missile, which has been Indian Navy tested successfully on 21 April, 2017?
  24. Name the person, who has been named the messenger of peace for the United Nations, recently?
  25. Name the Cricket Player, who has been named 10,000 runs club in T 20 s, recently?
  26. Name the Justice, who has been appointed as Acting CJ of Delhi High Court?
  27. Name the new district, which has been formed on 4th April 2017?
  28. Name the State Govt, which has been signed MoU for Power for All with Centre, recently?
  29. Name the Indian shot putter, who has been bagged Gold Medal at Asian Grand Prix Meeting China, recently?
  30. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Aadhaar Seedling Application in New Delhi, recently?