Name the Union Territory, which has been presented tax - free budget for fiscal 2017-18, recently?

A. Chandigarh

B. Lakshadweep

C. Puducherry

D. None

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  1. Name the Union Ministry, which has been banned sale of Cattle for slaughter, recently?
  2. Name the port trust of India, which has been bagged two best performance awards, recently?
  3. Name the senior IAS officer, who has been appointed as EO for TTD, recently?
  4. Name the cheapest respiratory filter, which has been developed by IIt Delhi, recently?
  5. Name the Indian Professor, who has been bagged INSA Young Scientist Award, recently?
  6. Name the place in which the 70th World Health Assembly was held, recently?
  7. Name the Bollywood Actress, who has been bagged Dadasaheb Phalke Award, recently?
  8. Name the person, who has been released the book India 2017 year book, recently?
  9. Name the city, in which India's first electric cab fleet to be launched soon?
  10. State the Day, on which we celebrate World Turtle Day every year?
  11. Name the Hyderabad's first Private airline, which was get licence in UDAN scheme, recently?
  12. State the day, on which we celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, every year?
  13. Name the former Greece Prime Minister, who has been died at 98, recently?
  14. What is the Position of India, health care Index in Lancet Medical Journal's report?
  15. Name the person, who has been dismissal by Trump as FBI director, recently?
  16. Name the second state in India, which has been announced Jan-Dec FY, recently?
  17. Name the Indian City, which has been 2nd place in World's most Crowded cities?
  18. Name the James Bond hero, who has been died at 89 on 23 May, 2017?
  19. Name the social Worker, who has been conferred the 2017 Avvaiyar Award by CM K. Palaniswami, recently?
  20. Name the country, which was to launch its own encyclopedia as a Rival to Wikipedia?
  21. State the day, on which US Space X launches intelligence mission on Falcon 9?
  22. Name the country to replace its research station in Antarctica, recently?
  23. Name the BSF officer, who has been climbed the Mount Everest a record of 6 times?
  24. Name the person, who has been elected as 2nd time President of Iran, recently?
  25. Name the Vaccination drive, which has been launched by CP CM, recently?
  26. Name football club, which has been won the 38th Federation cup Football Torunament?
  27. Name the Organisation, which has been released the first draft of nuclear ban treaty?
  28. State the day, on which we celebrate World Metrology Day every year?
  29. Name the person who has been elected for Britain Independent Fellowship 2017, recently?
  30. Name the first woman Judge of Delhi High Court, who has been passed away on 6 May, 2017?