__________ of rubber decreases after its vulcanisation.

A. Resistance to the action of organic solvent

B. Tackiness

C. Maximum service temperature

D. Tensile strength

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  1. Maleic anhydride is produced by catalytic oxidation of
  2. Solvent extracted oil
  3. Hydrazine is largely used
  4. __________ paper is used in the manufacture of newsprint paper.
  5. The main use of activated carbon in water treatment is to control
  6. Reverse osmosis is normally used for the
  7. Pick out the wrong statement.
  8. Lithophane is
  9. Resistance to fusion of the refractory under a steady rising temperature condition is called
  10. Addition of calcium oxide to water produces
  11. Dichloro diphenyl __________ is the full form of DDT (an insecticide).
  12. Coal tar is used as a
  13. __________ is produced using Polycondensation reaction.
  14. Vulcanisation of rubber
  15. An oil is converted into fat by its
  16. Salt is the basic raw material for the manufacture of
  17. Sodium salt of higher molecular weight fatty acid is termed as the __________ soap.
  18. Paper grade bamboo contains about __________ percent cellulose.
  19. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its
  20. Widely used method for the conditioning of boiler feed water is the
  21. Bleaching powder (chemically known as calcium chloro hypochlorite) is commercially produced by the action…
  22. Main use of hydrazine is
  23. Multistage catalytic converter is not used in the
  24. Commercial production of Vanaspati is done by __________ of edible vegetable oils.
  25. Vegetable oils contain large quantity of glycerides of unsaturated acids. When the vegetable oils contain…
  26. Which of the following fuel gases contains maximum amount of carbon monoxide?
  27. Polycaprolactam is commercially known as
  28. Which of the following is an additional step in the manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared to…
  29. Cumene is the starting material for the production of
  30. Which of the following is an unsaturated fatty acid?