Catalyst used during the manufacture of 'Vanaspati Ghee' is

A. Zinc

B. Nickel

C. Platinum

D. Copper

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  1. Flash point of most vegetable oils is about __________ °C.
  2. Poly Vinyl Chloride (P.V.C.) is a __________ material.
  3. Which of the following is a constituent of vinegar?
  4. Poly Tetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.) is known as
  5. Coloured glass is obtained by mixing of colored salts. Addition of __________ oxide is done to impart…
  6. Conversion of CO to CO2 by steam in presence of a catalyst is called
  7. Fluorescent dyes are added in detergents to
  8. Percentage of uranium in Carnotite ore found in Jadugoda (Jharkhand) is about
  9. An alkali metal salt of Palmitic acid is known as
  10. Pick out the wrong statement.
  11. Dacron (or Terylene) fibres as compared to nylon fibres have
  12. Oil is a/an
  13. __________ paper is used in the manufacture of newsprint paper.
  14. Thorium is mainly used
  15. Conversion of SO2 to SO3 in Monsanto 4-pass converter is about __________ percent.
  16. Roasting of metallurgical ores is done mainly to
  17. Chloramines are used in water treatment for
  18. Heating of __________ to 120°C, produces plaster of paris.
  19. High temperature carbonisation of coal produces
  20. Alcohol is produced by the
  21. Yellow phosphorus is transported under
  22. Pick out the wrong statement.
  23. Fourdrinier machine is used in the manufacture of
  24. __________ process is used for the manufacture of sodium carbonate by ammonia soda process.
  25. Iron ore hematite is concentrated using
  26. Hydrogenation of edible vegetable oils
  27. The yield of tar from high temperature carbonisation of dry coal is about __________ percent.
  28. Dacron is a/an
  29. Sand and __________ is fused at 1300°C, to produce sodium silicate.
  30. Pick out the wrong statement.