Pick up the correct statement about giving up of heat from one medium to other in ammonia absorption system

A. Strong solution to weak solution

B. Weak solution to strong solution

C. Strong solution to ammonia vapour

D. Ammonia vapours to weak solution

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  1. For unsaturated air, the dew point temperature is __________ wet bulb temperature.
  2. In aircraft, air refrigeration Cycle is used because of
  3. While designing the refrigeration system of an aircraft, the prime consideration is that the
  4. As relative humidity decreases, the dew point temperature will be ________ wet bulb temperature.
  5. Freon group of refrigerants are
  6. In a domestic refrigerator, a capillary tube controls the flow of refrigerant from the
  7. Which of the following refrigerant is highly toxic and flammable?
  8. The evaporator changes the low pressure liquid refrigerant from the expansion valve into
  9. When the lower temperature of a refrigerating machine is fixed, then the coefficient of performance…
  10. In a refrigeration system, the expansion device is connected between the
  11. During cooling and dehumidification, dry bulb temperature
  12. Which of the following is not a desirable property of a refrigerant?
  13. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  14. The boiling point of ammonia is
  15. The power per tonne of refrigeration is
  16. The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the refrigerant effect to the
  17. Critical pressure of a liquid is the pressure
  18. The general rule for rating refrigeration systems (excepting for CO₂ system) is to approximate…
  19. During sensible cooling of air ________ decreases.
  20. The specific humidity during heating and humidification process.
  21. A refrigerating system operating on reversed Brayton refrigeration cycle is used for maintaining 250…
  22. The domestic refrigerator uses following type of compressor
  23. Which of the following refrigerants has lowest freezing point?
  24. If a heat pump cycle operates between the condenser temperature of +27°C and evaporator temperature…
  25. The COP of a domestic refrigerator
  26. Cooling water is required for following equipment in ammonia absorption plant
  27. Mass flow ratio of NH₃ in comparison to Freon12 for same refrigeration load and same temperature…
  28. The value of C.O.P in vapour compression cycle is usually
  29. Choose the correct statement
  30. The bank of tubes at the back of domestic refrigerator is