Please tell me how the accident ____

A. came by

B. came out

C. came about

D. came across

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  1. None of us knew the answer, ____
  2. During a period of protracted illness, the sick can become infirm, ____ both the strength to work and…
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  4. The thief, ____ they caught, was sent to the prison.
  5. Please don't tell ____ about ____.
  6. When she parted ____ her parents, her eyes were full of tears.
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  8. The meeting has been _____ due to the demise of the Minister.
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  11. I believe you are just eighteen years old, ___
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  26. Aditi ____ three languages: English,French and Spanish.
  27. Rashi ____ the newspaper every morning on the train.
  28. Please tell_____ _____have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
  29. The opposite of 'natural'is:
  30. Does ______ know that _____ was absent?

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