Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its

A. Fatty acid content

B. Degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids present in it

C. Average molecular weight

D. Insoluble fatty acid content

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  1. Hydrogenation of oil takes place in a/an __________ reactor.
  2. Zeigler process
  3. __________ iron is the purest form of iron.
  4. Pick out the correct statement.
  5. The compressive strength of cement should not be less than about 110Kg/cm2 after three days & not less…
  6. The catalyst used in the manufacture of DDT (from chloral and chlorobenzene) is
  7. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to nitric acid.
  8. Pick out the wrong statement.
  9. Penicillin is made employing __________ fermentation process.
  10. Starting raw material for the manufacture of alum is
  11. Chloramines are used in water treatment for
  12. The most popular and common detergent i.e., alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) is a/an __________ detergent.
  13. Bleaching action of bleaching powder is due to its __________ properties.
  14. Detergent is produced by the sulphonation of dodecyl benzene, which is an __________ reaction.
  15. The product obtained on mixing calcium oxide with water is called
  16. __________ is an ore of lead.
  17. Le-Blanc process is a primitive process for the manufacture of
  18. A substance produced by a living organism and capable of anti-microbial activity is called a/an
  19. Pick out the wrong statement.
  20. Saponification number of an oil or fat
  21. Pick out the wrong statement.
  22. Lurgi coal gasifier is a pressurised __________ bed reactor.
  23. Lithophane is
  24. The noble gas which occurs most abundantly in the atmosphere is
  25. Phenol formaldehyde resin is used as an adhesive in making
  26. Gun powder, which is an explosive comprises of charcoal, sulphur and
  27. Ultimate analysis of coal determines its __________ content.
  28. P.T.F.E. (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) is commercially known as
  29. __________ of quicklime produces slaked lime.
  30. Catalytic oxidation of naphthalene produces