Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of

A. Dehydrogenation

B. Oxidation

C. Alkylation

D. Dehydration

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  1. Electric bulbs are made of __________ glass.
  2. Hydrogenation of oil takes place in a/an __________ reactor.
  3. Penicillin, an antibiotic drug was discovered by
  4. Catalyst used in the oxidation of benzene to produce Maleic anhydride is
  5. The most economical pulp for the production of newsprint would be the __________ pulp.
  6. The major constituent of black liquor generated during paper manufacture is sodium
  7. Carborundum consists mainly of
  8. A substance produced by a living organism and capable of anti-microbial activity is called a/an
  9. Deacon's method is used for the manufacture of
  10. Fatty material used in soap making is
  11. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  12. The ideal pulp for the manufacture of paper should have high __________ content.
  13. Which of the following is a bleaching agent added in the detergents to facilitate removal of stains…
  14. __________ is a thermosetting plastic.
  15. Which of the following is not a product of coal tar distillation?
  16. __________ is an ore of lead.
  17. Air used in aerobic fermentation must be sterilized, otherwise the
  18. Potassium is kept & transported under
  19. Presence of sodium tripolyphosphate (an additive) in synthetic detergent
  20. Plaster of Paris is
  21. Which of the following is not responsible for causing permanent hardness of water?
  22. Purity of oxygen used for blowing in steel making L.D. converter is 99.5%. The boiling point of oxygen…
  23. Which of the following is a constituent of vinegar?
  24. Caprolactam (a raw material for nylon-6 manufacture) is produced from
  25. Thorium is mainly used
  26. Isopropyl benzene produced by alkylation of benzene with propylene is known as
  27. Type of glass used in optical work is the __________ glass.
  28. In the production of soda ash by Solvay process, the by-product is
  29. __________ is used as a flux in the extraction of iron from iron ore (haematite) in blast furnace.
  30. Fermentation is adversely affected by the