Shrinkage volume in cement setting does not depend upon the

A. Sand to cement ratio

B. Water to cement ratio

C. Ambient temperature fluctuation

D. Drying period

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  1. Which oil is preferred for paint manufacture?
  2. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is
  3. Fumigant insecticides
  4. Chemical name of 'alum' is
  5. Sea water contains about __________ ppm of bromine.
  6. __________ paper is used in the manufacture of newsprint paper.
  7. Which of the following is not responsible for causing permanent hardness of water?
  8. Calcination of gypsum produces
  9. White phosphorous is stored under water, because
  10. Sand and __________ is fused at 1300°C, to produce sodium silicate.
  11. The purpose of adding Na2CO3 to water of low alkalinity is to
  12. __________ is not a constituent of gun powder.
  13. Washing soda is chemically represented by
  14. The catalyst used in the production of elemental sulphur from H2S (by oxidation-reduction) is
  15. Sulphuric acid saturated with SO3 is called
  16. Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol produces
  17. Production of one ton of dry paper pulp requires about __________ tons of bamboo or wood.
  18. Chalcopyrite is the main ore of
  19. Mercury cells for caustic soda manufacture, compared to diaphragm cells
  20. Concentration of hydrogen peroxide is done by
  21. Chlorine gas is produced by the electrolysis of brine (NaCl solution with solid NaCl make up) in mercury…
  22. Glycerine is recovered from lye by
  23. Gun powder uses
  24. Which of the following impurities in feed water for high pressure boiler is the most detrimental?
  25. Which of the following is an explosive?
  26. Comparing sulphate process with sulphite process, we find that __________ in the later.
  27. Zeolite is used in the
  28. Neoprene is a
  29. Co-efficient of thermal expansion of glass is decreased by the addition of __________ during its manufacture.
  30. The process involved in converting rubber into a thin sheet or coating it on fabric is called