State the day on which we has been celebrated World Book and Copyright Day, 2017?

A. 23rd April

B. 24th April

C. 25th April

D. 26th April

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  1. Name the person, who has been appointed as Chairperson of CBEC?
  2. Name the State Govt, which has been to give pension to Circus artistes, recently?
  3. Name the Indian city, which has been selected for APA's Pierre L'Enfant Award 2017, recently?
  4. State the week, which was observed globally World Immunization week, 2017?
  5. Name the Indian Environmental Engineer who has been won Cartier Women's Initiative Award, recently?
  6. Name the famous Company, which has become most valued Indian company?
  7. Name the playback singer, who has been got Ghantasala National Award, recently?
  8. Name the person, who has been appointed as India's permanent representative to UNO, recently?
  9. Name the app, which was for empowering citizens by real time information sharing on power supply?
  10. Name the marathon racer smashes three world records at Prague Half Marathon, recently?
  11. Name the Union Minister, who has been launched Power Tex India Scheme, recently?
  12. State the day, on which we celebrate every year The World Malaria Day?
  13. State the India's position, in which travel and tourism sector across the World
  14. Name the State Govt, which has been signed MoU for Power for All with Centre, recently?
  15. Name the person, who has been conferred with UNESCO's Peace Prize, recently?
  16. Name the educational Institution, which has been ranked best by HRD Ministry, recently?
  17. State the day, on which we celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight, every year?
  18. What is the full form of GST?
  19. Name the Grade of Fuel, which was Government officially launched across the India, recently?
  20. State the day on which we celebrate world Health Day every year?
  21. Name the tower, which has been World's 5th tallest building, opens in Seoul, recently?
  22. Name the city, in which the Union Cabinet has give its approval for setting up of Indian Institute of…
  23. State the no. of birth anniversary, which was celebrated through out the India on 14 April, 2017?
  24. Name the bomb, which was dropped by US on an Islamic state tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan?
  25. Name the Indian Cricket player, who has been appointed an ambassador for ICC champions Trophy 2017?
  26. Name the missile, which has been successfully test-fired India on 27th April 2017?
  27. Name the place, in which NBA launches International Basketball Schools Net work opened?
  28. Name the badminton player, who has been won twin crown in Jakarta recently?
  29. Name the veteran cricket player, who has been launched his own social media app called 100 MB Cricket?
  30. Name the Indian women Cricketer, who has been honoured MCC life membership, recently?