The Kheda Sathyagraha of Gandhiji was in?

A. 1917

B. 1918

C. 1919

D. 1920

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  1. Which of the following resources is renewable one?
  2. Bangladesh has recently granted which Indian Insurance company to run its business in that country?
  3. Name the only person to get Nobel Prize after getting Bharat Ratna?
  4. Which cup/trophy is associated with the game of cricket ?
  5. Who among the following is not a member of the newly-constituted advisory panel by BCCI to guide the…
  6. Which of the following is a Member of G-8 ?
  7. Hemant Sonawala who passed away recently was a pioneer in?
  8. Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar was recently crowned as the new Maharaja of?
  9. How many neck canal cells are found in the archegonium of a fern?
  10. Jayalalithaa recently sworn in as the Chief Minister of which state?
  11. Trevor Bayliss was recently appointed as the new head coach of which country's cricket team?
  12. Who was recently appointed as MD & CEO of Bharti AXA General?
  13. Which of the following is the currency of China ?
  14. Cactus is referred to as
  15. Which country was the host country for the World Environment Day (WED) 2015?
  16. National Consumer day observed every year on _____?
  17. The first woman President of Indian National congress was?
  18. Which scheme is launched by the Govt. of India to make Indian Metros/Cities Slum free ?
  19. The 50th state of USA?
  20. R Seshasayee was on 5 June 2015 appointed as the non-executive chairman of?
  21. Indian-origin MP Priti Patel was recently appointed minister of state for employment in which country's…
  22. Who was recently appointed as the new chairman of National Safety Council?
  23. With which of the following countries is the famous 'October Revolution' is associated?
  24. Adolf Hitler was born in?
  25. The forest in Sunderban is called
  26. Wimbledon Trophy is associated with the game of
  27. Indias first green police station was inaugurated on the occasion of World Environment Day 2015 at?
  28. Who was on 30 May 2015 re-elected as FIFA President?
  29. Which angiosperm is vesselless?
  30. NIN (National Institute of Nutrition) Central Office is located at?