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  1. Select the command that will NOT wait for a new page to load before moving onto the next command.
  2. Which regular expression sequence that loosely translates to anything or nothing?
  3. Select the syntax to locate an element using inner text.
  4. Out of the following which can only test web applications
  5. Which method is used when you want to verify whether a certain check box, radio button, or option in…
  6. In case of Selenium IDE, the Source view shows your script in
  7. Which command is used to extend the time limit of WAITFOR command?
  8. Select the method which clears all selected entries in Web driver Selenium.
  9. Is Web Driver a component of the Selenium?
  10. Which process use the JavaScript to find an element?
  11. Which command should be used to confirm that test will pass in the future, when new element is added…
  12. Select the command which is NOT a type of assertion in Selenium IDE.
  13. Out of the following which is NOT a wait command.
  14. What does the term DOM refers to ?
  15. Selenium is compatible with
  16. In Selenium, Following Axis is related to:
  17. Select the command which is used to print a string value or a variable in Selenium IDE.
  18. Select the variation which locates elements by the value of their idŁ attribute in Web Driver Selenium
  19. What is the most common way to find an element on a page?
  20. Select the component which is NOT part of Selenium suite.
  21. If you wanted to access the element that has the text This element has an ID that changes every time…
  22. Select the variation which locates elements by the value of the nameŁ attribute in Web driver Selenium
  23. Method which selects the option which displays the text matching the parameter passed to it
  24. We use the dot (.) operator followed by either a * or a +. The + tells the regular expression that there…
  25. What is Selenium IDE ?
  26. Can Unix operating system be supported by Selenium IDE?
  27. The term JSON refers to ______________.
  28. By Default time of WAITFOR command is :
  29. The Actions commands
  30. Select the command which is used to compare the actual page title with an expected value.