To get Feather option in Photoshop.

A. Image>Adjustment

B. Select Menu

C. Edit Menu

D. None of the above

You can do it
  1. The Keyboard shortcut of swap foreground and background color is
  2. We can resize the canvas as per the size of an image by using
  3. We use Dodge Tool to ___________________ the area of image.
  4. In a grayscale image we get maximum _______ shades of color.
  5. The size of the canvas can be increased in any direction by selecting
  6. The full form of TIFF is _______________.
  7. For printing purpose, the resolution should be
  8. To get Feather option in Photoshop.
  9. Raster Graphic consists of Pixels.
  10. In Photoshop Red=0 + Green=0 + Blue=0 --- the output is pure Black.
  11. Image > Mode > 16 bit is activated, when
  12. Liquify is a Filter.
  13. Which one is the range of colors that a color system can display or print?
  14. We cannot import jpeg image in Premiere.
  15. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop
  16. In a Bitmap mode image, the shades are adjusted by changing the quantity of __________ and __________…
  17. We can make the edges smooth of an curved image by selecting
  18. We can see the exact print size of an image from ___________ option from __________ menu.
  19. The keyboard shortcut of Brush option is
  20. With the help of Text warp option, we can change the style of a text
  21. JPEG stands for
  22. Which command changes the Overall mixture of colors in an image for generalized color correction?
  23. How many types of Gradient are there in Photoshop?
  24. GIF does not support background transparency.
  25. We can create layer is indexed color image
  26. By default how many channel Indexed color images are there?
  27. Which command selects a specified color or color subset within an existing selection or an entire image?
  28. How many type of Marquee Tool are there in Photoshop?
  29. If R=255, G=0, B=0, the colour will be black.
  30. How many maximum steps we can undo in Photoshop?