Which of the following represent legal flow control statements?

A. break();

B. continue(inner);

C. return;

D. exit();

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  1. Which of the following methods belong to the String class?
  2. A method declared as static can not access non-static class members.
  3. Given the codeString s = new String("abc");Which of the following calls are valid?
  4. It is an error to catch the same type of exception in two different catch blocks associated with a particular…
  5. Which of the following will produce a value of 22 if x=22.9:
  6. Objects are passed to a method by use of call-by-reference.
  7. The methods wait() and noify() are defined in
  8. putValue(...) method takes _____________________-
  9. Members of a class specified as private are accessible only to the methods of the class.
  10. The name of a Java program file must match the name of the class with the extension Java.
  11. executeUpdate automatically updates data because___________
  12. Declarations can appear anywhere in the body of a Java method.
  13. DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:dsn_name") method does not depend on the class.forName(...) method.
  14. An individual array element that is passed to a method and modified in that method will contain the…
  15. The check box group class is a subclass of the component class.
  16. The expression (x == y && a<b) is true If either x == y is true or a<b is true.
  17. A class may be both abstract and final.
  18. Consider the following class definition.Class Student extends String{}What happens when we try to compile…
  19. Which of the following statements are valid array declarations?
  20. One the features of is that an array can store many different types of values.
  21. The default case is always required in the switch selection structure.
  22. Throwing an exception always causes program termination.
  23. An EJB is a server-side component that encapsulates the business logic of an application
  24. What is wrong in the following class definitions? abstract class print { abstract show();} class…
  25. Java is fully object oriented programme.
  26. forName() is a static factory method
  27. When we invoke repaint () for a Component, the AWT invokes the method:
  28. Which of the following methods can be used to draw the outline of a square?
  29. A final class may not have any abstract method.
  30. Which of the following are not keywords?