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Question No : 1
The outermost layer of brain is

pia mater
dura mater
none of these

Question No : 2
In frog purely sensory nerves are

I and II
II and III
I and III
III and IV

Question No : 3
The anterior choroid plexus is situated in the roof of

diocoel (III Ventride)
metacoel (IV Ventride)

Question No : 4
The thermoregulatory centre of the body is

spinal cord
pituitary gland

Question No : 5
The SNS works through

none of these

Question No : 6
Nerve impulse is

carried by afferent and efferent branches
not carried by afferent and efferent branches
carried away and brought by efferent branches
brought by afferent and carried by efferent branches

Question No : 7
Spinal cord is protected by

vertebral column

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