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Question No : 1
The computer code for the interchange of information between terminal is ..

All of the above

Question No : 2
The decoded instruction is stored in ______ .


Question No : 3
SIMD stands for ....

Single Instruction Stream Over Minimum Data Streams
Single Instruction Stream Over Multiple Data Streams
Multiple Instruction Streams and Single Data Stream
Single Instruction Stream Over Media Data Streams

Question No : 4
The instruction -> Add LOCA,R0 does,

Adds the value of LOCA to R0 and stores in the temp register
Adds the value of R0 to the address of LOCA
Adds the values of both LOCA and R0 and stores it in R0
Adds the value of LOCA with a value in accumulator and stores it in R0

Question No : 5
The NOR gate is complement of ..

OR gate
AND gate
NOT gate
NAND gate

Question No : 6
Which registers can interact with the secondary storage ?


Question No : 7
A _____ is a digital circuit that performs the inverse operation of decodes.


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