Power Plant Engineering MCQ Question with Answer

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Question No : 1
Uranium has isotopes

All of these

Question No : 2
The fuel needed, with reflector in nuclear power plant, in order to generate sufficient neutrons to sustain a chain reaction, would be


Question No : 3
Hydrogen is preferred as better coolant in comparison to CO₂ because former

Is lighter
Is inert
Has high specific heat
Is a good conductor

Question No : 4
The size of the reactor is said to be critical when

Chain reaction can be initiated
It becomes uncontrollable
It explodes
It produces no power

Question No : 5
Reactors for propulsion applications use

Natural uranium
Molten lead
Any form of uranium

Question No : 6
In natural uranium, the constituents of three naturally occuring isotopes are

U₂₃₄ = 0.006%, U₂₃₅ = 0.712% and U₂₃₈ = 99.282%
U₂₃₄ = 0.712%, U₂₃₅ = 0.006% and U₂₃₈ = 99.282%
U₂₃₄ = 99.282%, U₂₃₅ = 0.006% and U₂₃₈ = 0.712%
U₂₃₄ = 0.006%, U₂₃₅ = 99.282% and U₂₃₈ = 0.712%

Question No : 7
Pressurised water reactor is designed

For boiling pi water in the core
To use liquid sodium metal as coolant
To use intermediate coolant
To prevent the water coolant from boiling in the core