Software Engineering MCQ Question with Answer

Software Engineering MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 15
Data structure suitable for an application discussed in?

interface design
data design
procedural design
architectural design

Question No : 16
Design phase will usually be?

center fingring

Question No : 17
Which of the following is one of the phase of software life cycle?

Project Management
Quality management

Question No : 18
The Linear sequential model of software development is_____

An Old Fashioned model that cannot be used in a modern context
A good approach when a working program is required quickly
A useful approach when a customer cannot define requirements clearly.
A reasonable approach when requirement are well defined.

Question No : 19
The Linear sequential model is also known as ________.

classical life cycle model
Fountain model
Spiral model
Concurrent model

Question No : 20
The rapid application development model is______________

A Combination of prototyping and waterfall model
Includes project risks evaluation during each iteration
A high speed adaptation of the linear sequential model
Used to suggests a systematic sequential approach to software development

Question No : 21
Which of the following is not the strategy for achieving reliability in software system?

Fault avoidance
Fault tolerance
Fault detection
Fault repair