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Question No : 8
A cube of edge 15 cm is immersed completely in a rectangular vessel containing water. If the dimensions of the base of vessel are 20 cm x 15 cm, find the rise in water level.

10 cm
10.25 cm
11 cm
11.25 cm

Question No : 9

Three solid cubes of sides 1 cm, 6 cm and 8 cm are melted to form a new Cube. Find the surface area of the cube so formed.

486 cm2.
479 cm2.
445 cm2.

Question No : 10

Two cubes have their volumes in the ratio 1 : 27. Find the ratio of their surface areas.        



Question No : 11

How many iron rods, each of length 7 m and diameter 2 cm can be made out of 0.88 cubic meter of iron?


Question No : 12
A conical vessel, whose internal radius is 12 cm and height 50 cm, is full of liquid. The contents are emptied into a cylindrical vessel with internal radius 10 cm. Find the eight to which the liquid rises in the cylindrical vessel.

20 cm
21 cm
23 cm
24 cm