Chemical Engineering Plant Economics MCQ Question with Answer

Chemical Engineering Plant Economics MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. Explanation are given for understanding.

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Question No : 8
Utilities cost in the operation of chemical process plant comes under the

Plant overhead cost
Fixed charges
Direct production cost
General expenses

Question No : 9
Total product cost of a chemical plant does not include the __________ cost.

Market survey
Operating labour, supervision and supplies
Overhead and utilities
Depreciation, property tax and insurance

Question No : 10
Out of the following, the depreciation calculated by the __________ method is the maximum.

Diminishing balance
Straight line
Sum of the years digit
Sinking fund

Question No : 11
Which of the following is not a component of working capital?

Raw materials is stock
Finished products in stock
Transportation facilities
Semi-finished products in the process

Question No : 12
In which of the electric power generation system, the operating cost is minimum?

Fast breeder reactor

Question No : 13
Which of the following is not a component of the working capital for a chemical process plant?

Product inventory
In-process inventory
Minimum cash reserve
Storage facilities

Question No : 14
With increase in the discounted cash flow rate of return, the ratio of the total present value to the initial investment of a given project

Increases linearly
Remain constant