A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is:





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  1. Which of the following is still useful for adding numbers?
  2. A storage system for small amounts of data is
  3. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  4. Com in Latin is
  5. Which of the following will happen when data is entered into a memory location?
  6. Digital devices are
  7. Which of the following statement is valid?
  8. Bit stands for
  9. Bit stands for
  10. Which device can understand difference between data & programs?
  11. What was the computer invented by Attanasoff and Clifford?
  12. Which of the following is not anti- viruses' software?
  13. The personnel who deals with the computer & its management put together are called
  14. Reading data is performed in magnetic disk by
  15. In order to play and hear sound on a computer, one needs:
  16. Which electronic component was made out of semiconductor material?
  17. A computer consists of
  18. Who is the inventor of Difference Engine?
  19. What was the name of the first commercially available microprocessor chip?
  20. Which of the following is the most powerful computers?
  21. ________ are used for plotting graphs and design on papers
  22. In what respect computers are superior to human beings?
  23. Which of the following is not the classification of computers based on application?
  24. Instruction in computer languages consists of
  25. Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer?
  26. The terminal device that functions as a cash register, computer terminal, and OCR reader is the:
  27. MIS is designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by?
  28. Which device is used as the standard pointing device in a Graphical User Environment?
  29. The complete picture of data stored in database is known as
  30. The value of each bead in earth is