The most important advantage of a video disk is

A. Compactness

B. Potential capacity

C. Durability

D. Cost effectiveness

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  1. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for
  2. BCD is
  3. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/an
  4. Which is used for manufacturing chips?
  5. Cathode Ray Tube is a form of________
  6. What does DMA stand for?
  7. An input /output device at which data enters or leaves a computer system is
  8. For what Antikyathera was used?
  9. Examples of output devices are
  10. ________ represents raw facts, where-as________ is data made meaningful.
  11. Which type of computers uses the 8-bit code called EBCDIC?
  12. Analog computer works on the supply of
  13. Instruction in computer languages consists of
  14. The first machine to successfully perform a long series of arithmetic and logical operations was:
  15. Where does most data go first with in a computer memory hierarchy?
  16. Which of the following items are examples of storage devices?
  17. A small or intelligent device is so called because it contains within it a
  18. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  19. A device that connects to a network without the use of cables is said to be-
  20. EBCDIC can code up to how many different characters?
  21. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of:
  22. Which of the following does not affect the resolution of a video display image?
  23. Magnetic disks are the most popular medium for
  24. Which one is the largest space?
  25. What was the computer invented by Attanasoff and Clifford?
  26. A compiler is a translating program which
  27. An optical input device that interprets pencil marks on paper media is
  28. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different…
  29. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?
  30. which of the following is problem oriented language?