The most important advantage of a video disk is

A. Compactness

B. Potential capacity

C. Durability

D. Cost effectiveness

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  1. Software in computer
  2. An output device that uses words or messages recorded on a magnetic medium to produce audio response…
  3. Most of the first generation computers were
  4. Which of the following is still useful for adding numbers?
  5. Magnetic disks are the most popular medium for
  6. A term associated with the comparison of processing speeds of different computer system is:
  7. An example of a digital device can be
  8. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is
  9. Which of the following statement is valid?
  10. Which of the following is not a type of Software?
  11. A common boundary between two systems is called
  12. The most commonly used standard data code to represent alphabetical, numerical and punctuation characters…
  13. Artificial Intelligence is associated with which generation?
  14. What is the main difference between a mainframe and a super computer?
  15. Which unit converts computer data into human readable form?
  16. A system is
  17. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except:
  18. RAM is also called as
  19. Which of the following generation computers had expensive operation cost?
  20. Which of the following is not a primary storage device?
  21. A computer which CPU speed around 100 million instruction per second and with the word length of around…
  22. The accuracy of the floating-point numbers representable in two 16-bit words of a computer is approximately
  23. Which is an item of storage medium in the form of circular plate?
  24. Which of the following does not store data permanently?
  25. When was the world's first laptop computer introduced in the market and by whom?
  26. Which of the following is first generation of computer
  27. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?
  28. ________ is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to the requested data
  29. Mnemonic a memory trick is used in which of the following language?
  30. Which of the following have low failure rate?