Airtel Payments Bank has signed an agreement with which oil and gas company?





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  1. Which of the following space agency has launched the latest in a series of satellites aimed at ensuring…
  2. The government on August 15, 2017 imposed a fine of $____ million on Reliance Industries Ltd and its…
  3. Who has been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uber?
  4. Central Government has launched 'Swachh Survekshan-2018' to rank cities and towns of India. How many…
  5. Who has been appointment as the new chief of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)?
  6. An all-women team of researchers from which IIT has developed a new drug delivery platform using nanoparticles?
  7. Which team has won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup football tournament?
  8. Aadi Perukku is celebrated in which state of India?
  9. IISc researchers have developed a highly sensitive, low cost nanometre-scale -------- sensor, with potential…
  10. Which hockey player's birth anniversary is celebrated on 29 August as National Sports Day?
  11. Ahmed Khan passed away recently at the age of 90. Who was he?
  12. NABARD has conferred the 'best performance award' for 2016-17 to which regional rural bank?
  13. Who is going to be the new Managing Director & CEO of IFCI Ltd, a government company?
  14. India and which country will start a two-by-two ministerial dialogue to enhance "peace and stability…
  15. Who has been appointed as Executive Director of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)?
  16. How many medals did India win at the 6th Golden Glove women's Boxing Tournament at Vojvodina, Serbia?
  17. The Indian government on August 15, 2017 asked Facebook and other social networking sites to remove…
  18. Who resigned in the Railway Board Council recently?
  19. India celebrated the 75th anniversary of which historic movement on 09th August 2017?
  20. To whom the Union Minister Arun Jaitley hands over LRSAM?
  21. Indian Athletes bags how many medals at 7th edition of the World Dwarf Games?
  22. Who dedicates to nation 11 completed highway projects in Rajasthan?
  23. Which ties up with Symantec to fight cyber wars?
  24. Name the Indian professional boxer outslugged his Chinese opponent Zulpikar Maimaitiali to retain the…
  25. The CCEA has approved the proposal of DIPAM for strategic disinvestment. What does "DIPAM" stands for?
  26. Which Senior BJP leader became a member of the parliament for the first time after being sworn into…
  27. Which country Imposes World's Toughest Law Against Plastic Bags recently?
  28. Sri Lankan selection panel of Cricket team was resigned, Who of the following was Chairman/ Head of…
  29. How many crores Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced GST earnings cross target in maiden month?
  30. Which of the following has launched Mentor India Campaign, an initiative to engage leaders who can guide…