During sensible cooling of air, specific humidity

A. Remains constant

B. Increases

C. Decreases

D. None of these

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  1. The relative humidity is defined as
  2. In a vapour compression cycle, the refrigerant immediately after expansion valve is
  3. In a bootstrap air evaporative cooling system, the evaporator is provided
  4. The boiling point of carbon dioxide is
  5. Which of the following statement is correct?
  6. In air-conditioning of aeroplanes, using air as a refrigerant, the cycle used is
  7. If a gas is to be liquefied, its temperature must be
  8. In case of sensible cooling of air, the coil efficiency is given by
  9. The coefficient of performance is the ratio of the refrigerant effect to the
  10. Under cooling in a refrigeration cycle
  11. Which of the following refrigerant has the lowest freezing point?
  12. Short horizontal lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show
  13. The operating temperature of a cold storage is 2°C. The heat leakage from the surrounding is 30…
  14. Vapour compression refrigeration is somewhat like
  15. The air cooling system mostly used in transport type aircrafts is
  16. Which of the following refrigerants has lowest freezing point?
  17. One of the purposes of sub cooling the liquid refrigerant is to
  18. The ratio of heat extracted in the refrigerator to the work-done on the refrigerant is called
  19. Where does the lowest temperature occur in a vapour compression cycle?
  20. The bank of tubes at the back of domestic refrigerator is
  21. The refrigerant used for absorption refrigerators working on heat from solar collectors is a mixture…
  22. The emissivity of a polished silver body is __________ as compared to black body.
  23. The general rule for rating refrigeration systems (excepting for CO₂ system) is to approximate…
  24. The wet bulb temperature at 100% relative humidity is ________ dew point temperature.
  25. Superheating in a refrigeration cycle
  26. The refrigerant after condensation process is cooled below the saturation temperature before throttling.…
  27. The specific humidity during heating and humidification process.
  28. Relative humidity is given by (where pv = Partial pressure of water vapour, pb = Barometric pressure,…
  29. In a saturated air-water vapour mixture, the
  30. Which of the following refrigerant has the maximum ozone depletion potential in the stratosphere?